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Front Entrance Landscape + Yard of the Month

As you've surely noticed, our new live oak trees lining the median to Quail Valley are taking hold nicely and growing quickly!

Also growing quickly were the unsightly weeds that had overrun the grass in the median. Regular mowing was not sufficient to keep the weeds down --- despite somewhat regular tending. As such, The HOA volunteer board met recently and voted to have the median thoroughly weeded and to replace what remained of the grass with more attractive mulch, Texas native grasses, and also some rose bushes. I'm sure you'll agree that the change is a dramatic improvement. The HOA will also save some funds as it will reduce our mowing expense (don't forget, our HOA is 100% volunteer. This means we're 100% dependent on dues contributions from our neighbors to fund landscaping improvements and utilities).

While we're on the subject of neighborhood beautification, it's time once again to vote for the Quail Valley Yard of the Month contest. The poll has been posted to the home page. Just click here to vote. Good luck!

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