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QVHOA Board Minutes for May 18, 2022

QVHA Meeting Minutes

Location: 992 Pheasant Ridge

Date: May 18, 2022

Time: 8:00 pm


Chris Whitt

Stacy Whitt

Matt Ward

Jenilee Harwell

Kathleen Grubby

Steven Doherty

Sara Doherty


Josh Morphew

Robert Vaughn

Sue Tracey

Agenda Items

  • Discussion of QVHA history; explanation of our responsibilities and our limitations.

  • Financials. Discussion of fence holdback, anticipated expenses, and the approximate amount we have available for upgrades and events. So far this year 83 of our 156 households have paid their dues. Stacy will write a “state of the neighborhood” letter to be hand-delivered to all households. This will include an explanation of why we will not be doing any additional planting at the entrance this spring and a reminder that dues still need to be paid. Stacy will contact Sue for block captain information.

  • Fence Repairs. The fence needs repairs and to be stained again. It was agreed to use some of the fence holdback funds for this. Chris and Steve will contact fence companies for estimates. Steve will look into the city’s façade grant progra

m to see if we qualify.

  • Water leak at north side of entry. The leak is in the sprinkler line running under the road and we believe it was caused by the city while they were doing work up there. Chris will call the city to try to work out an agreement. In the event the city will not take responsibility, Steve will ask a landscaper about options to get water to the north side. The south and middle sections do have water.

  • Entry Landscaping. We will hold off on any additional planting until we have the leak issue resolved; at this point we don’t know what the financial repercussions of the leak will be or whether we will have sprinkler coverage on the north side. We anticipate forming a landscape committee when the time comes.

  • Events. Jenilee will start organizing National Night Out, probably Tuesday, Oct. 4. We would also like to do the Christmas decorating contest this year.

  • Open Board Positions. Chris nominated Steven Doherty for President and the nomination was seconded by Stacy. Vote was unanimous in favor of Steven as our new President.

  • Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 3, 2022, at 8:00 pm.

  • The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.


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