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Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 988 Dove Meadow at 7:00 pm with board members Salena Morphew, Josh Morphew, Stacey Whitt, Matt Ward, Joe Tracey, Sue Tracey and Sandi Mercier in attendance. Fence: We have received $550 in donations and $6700 in pledges toward the $11,000 goal needed to construct the optimal fence with the capped top! More pledges are expected. Our desire is to have the fence installed this summer. Sue will send a thank you note to the two residents who donated money. Matt will send a note to all who pledged, giving an update on the progress toward our goal. Salena will send out a special letter to the residents along Rufe Snow, and also a letter to all residents to seek more pledges/donations. All letters will be sent out by June 27th. Stacey will look into purchasing a pledge drive “thermometer” sign so the residents can see the progress towards our goal. It will be placed at the entrance.

Landscape: Stacey purchased a “yard-of-the-month” sign that can be used interchangeably with the Christmas decorating contest. Josh will place poll on website by June 26th and voting will take place until July 3rd. Matt will advertise the voting on bulletin board.

Josh has been mowing the front entrance, but he will put a volunteer spot link on our home page of the website so residents can volunteer to mowing, weeding and trimming the front entrance.

Board decided to put weed barrier paper and mulch on the median to aesthetically improve the front entrance. This will be done after the fence project.

Website/Social Media: Josh presented the board with the current situation of our website and offered solutions to improve and fix it. We discussed options for the website host and voted to use a mass market (DIY) solution such as GoDaddy, Wix, or SquareSpace.

We wish to publicize our Facebook page and Twitter account, so Josh will get “Like Us” stickers to place on our bulletin board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20. Next meeting will be held at Stacey Whitt’s home, 992 Pheasant Ridge at 7:00 pm Wednesday, July 22nd.

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