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Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting convened at 7:00pm at 992 Pheasant Ridge with Salena Morphew, Josh Morphew, Stacey Whitt, Matt Ward, Joe Tracey, Sue Tracey and Sandi Mercier in attendance. Also in attendance was Chris Whitt.

President’s report: The pledge thermometer is painted and displayed at the front entrance!

To date we have $9385 in pledges and donations. Salena will update the thermometer this weekend and will also post the pledges on Nextdoor.

Treasurer’s report: It is necessary to collect at least $6000 in pledges before beginning work on the fence in order to keep a balance in account for routine front entrance maintenance.

Salena will draft a flyer this week, again asking residents for donations to the fence fund and telling them about the “better awesome fence-on-fence” J The block captains will help distribute to the residents 7/25-26. Sue will send thank you notes to those who have donated this month. Josh will change the bulletin board to make a plea for more donations. Stacey will order new set of letters for bulletin board.

Matt and Salena will collect the pledges that have been made.

Fence: Discussed issue with the method of staining; we publicized hand-dipped, but in order to get the best fence (fence-on-fence), the fence boards will be individually hand sprayed with stain on-site. Also, the boards will be attached with screws and not nails. The board’s goal is to decide on a construction date the first week of August. The next step, then, is to coordinate with the neighbors to ensure access to their yards.

Website: Josh gave us a plan for the website structure that includes user-friendly page tabs: Home, News, New Residents, Volunteer, Treasurer’s Report, Founding Documents, Archive and Contact.

Newsletter: Next newsletter will be distributed Saturday, September 26th. Articles need to be submitted to Sue no later than September 13th.

Miscellaneous: Board members will submit 3 new yard-of-the-month nominations to Josh by this weekend, July 26th. Josh will post on website for voting from July 27-31st.

Chris volunteered to decorate the front entrance for Christmas.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20. Next meeting Wednesday, August 19, 7:00pm at 999 Pheasant Ridge.

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