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July 2016 Board Meeting

Meeting convened at 7:10pm at 986 Dove Meadow.

Matt Ward, Salena Morphew, Sue Tracey, Chris and Stacey Whitt, and Sandi Mercier were in attendance. Absent: Josh Morphew and Joe Tracey.

I. Newsletter: Spring/Summer edition looked really nice with good content. Next edition will be November.

II. Financial: Stacey sent out renewal dues letter and received 6 more paid dues. There are 101 residents paid to date.

III. Operations:

A. Lighting – 3 of 4 entrance lights are not working. Chris will look and access the

situation. If needed, Daniel Electric will be called. We should still be under a warranty.

B. Vegetation – Weeds are growing along base of fence line. Matt will use vinegar to

kill. Chris will trim the deadwood of the Bradford Pears this weekend. (Note: Since

the board meeting, Christ trimmed trees - they are looking really bad. It was

agreed by board to call a tree trimmer for an estimate to remove the trees.)

It was decided to pay our lawn service to weed the entrance beds once per month.

IV. Miscellaneous: It was decided that we would not share our website with StoneRidge, but would like to coordinate social events with them, such as garage sales and a “Sidewalk Walk” whereby we will choose a date to walk the neighborhood to find needed repairs to submit to the city.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

Next meeting September 21, 2016 @ the Whitt’s: 982 Pheasant Ridge.

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