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New Neighbors; New (and Old) Friends

I have been truly blessed by the neighborhood friendships that I have made over the past 23 years living on Dove Meadow. Our street is not unique to any other street; it is just amiable efforts that are made to one another with a “howdy” or a “hello” or a “whatcha been up to?” conversation.

Sometimes, it’s taking note and following up with a neighbor if you haven’t seen them out in the yard for awhile, or extending your congratulations for a happy event.

Throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed time catching up with our neighbors by having a front yard evening BBQ, a Saturday morning brunch, a holiday party/open house, potluck, etc. Our schedules get busy, and our gatherings may not be but once every few years, but the time we share investing in each other’s lives has been a joy and an encouragement.

I want to encourage you and your street, especially as new neighbors are moving in, to look for ways to gather together and make new friends!

Okay Dove Meadow, its time to get together and “catch up” again! I think I see a pot luck coming soon!

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