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March 2017 Board Meeting

Quail Valley HOA Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Meeting commenced at 7:30PM at the Whitt residence. In attendance: Stacey Whitt, Chris Whitt, Sue Tracey, Matt Ward, Salena Morphew and Josh Morphew

Topics discussed and resolved:

  • Reviewed 2017 dues receipts including feedback and commentary homeowners provided with dues payments. Feedback largely positive. Several homeowners offered to volunteer. Resolved that HOA President would reach out to those who have offered to help individually.

  • 55 of 156 households in Quail Valley have submit 2017 dues. 3 households used our new Bank of America remittance system

  • 14 new residents moved into Quail Valley in 2016

  • With the resignation of Sandy Mercier from the QVHOA Board, it was resolved to make Matt Ward (VP Operations) a formal signatory with our banking institutions along with Salena Morphew (President) and Stacey Whitt (Treasurer).

  • Resolved to gain neighborhood feedback on alternative payment methods (PayPal, etc.) for Dues through an online poll.

  • Resolved to develop an organized garden club and formalize a budget for decorating the front entrance

  • Garage Sale is planned for April 28th and 29th. Garage Sale will be in partnership with adjacent HOA, Stone Ridge. President will file for city permit and create online ad. Stone Ridge HOA will split cost of ad

  • Board exploring how to better match paint stain color on north side of Rufe Snow Dr. fence line. VP of Ops to get quotes so Board can determine next steps

  • VP of Ops will contact Rich Barrett to determine what irrigation work he completed at front entrance and get a bill

  • HOA Board Members Chris Whitt and Josh Morphew to trim trees and mend fence as needed to maintain integrity of fence line along Rufe Snow Dr.

  • Spring newsletter in development. Articles due to Sue Tracy by May 5th.

  • Next meeting scheduled for May 10th at 7:30PM at the Morphew residence

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

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