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March 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Location: 995 Pheasant Ridge

Date: March 7, 2018

Time: 7:30pm

Meeting was called to order shortly after 7:30pm.


  • Chris and Stacey Whitt

  • Josh and Salena Morphew

  • Sue Tracey

  • Matt Ward

  • Bob Alcon

  • Jenilee Harwell

  • Kathleen Grubby

Agenda Items

Welcome, introductions, and overview to Bob, Jenilee and Kathleen, neighbors who expressed interest in learning more about Quail Valley and our HOA.

  • Budget update and 2018 Dues receipts. Currently 66 homeowners have contributed (of 156 homes). Contributions from approximately 105 to 110 homeowners are needed for HOA to meet budget.

  • Rufe Snow Entryway has been weeded. New weed barrier and siding installed along with fresh mulch.

  • Spring planting date set for April 7th at 10:00am. Volunteers welcome! Josh to update social media and signage

  • Additional maintenance needs discussed including tree trimming, removing overgrown grass, pressure washing retaining wall, and hiring an electrician to repair plugs.

  • Discussed future repairs required to fix or replace failing masonry at front entrance. Resolved to get minimum of three estimates

  • Resolved to publish newsletter sometime in May

  • Garage Sale date to be determined. Coordination with Stone Ridge HOA required to reduce cost.

  • Resolved to continue spring Yard of the Month contest in May and June

  • Formally recognized new HOA Board Members

  • Bob Alcorn - President

  • Kathleen Grubby - Secretary

  • Jenilee Harwell - Welcome Committee

  • Resolved to reconvene board on May 16th at 7:30pm (Whitts to host again)

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